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I don't like Autism Speaks. I'm Disabled, not differently abled, and I am an Autistic activist. Self-advocate is true, but incomplete.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

YAY School

Classes have started once more. I've had them all at least once. So, here be what I think so far:
  • Materials Engineering- I'm not sure how great the lab will be because we haven't had that yet, but the teacher seems pretty cool. And you know, materials engineering and nanotechnology get along well, which is win. Because nanotechnology is where I actually want to go with this engineering stuff.
  • Chinese Literature- This doesn't seem as painful as I was expecting it to be. But then, I've been studying Chinese for about 2-3 times as long as most of my classmates, so it's probably hurting them worse than me. So far, I can pretty much read and understand the selections. The computerized OPI scares me more than this class does at the moment. That and the HSK...
  • Engineering Design- This one seems more directed at large scale engineering stuff for mechanical engineers, so it's not exactly the "What Alyssa Wants To Do" class, but it seems manageable. 
  • Intro Economics: Made in China- Uh, I know way more about China than pretty much any of my classmates, and I know Chinese, and I've got some familiarity with Chinese politics, and even a little tiny bit with Chinese Disability Studies. I am going to OWN this. Except that the teacher likes to be sarcastic. I discovered this when I arrived and asked if this was Econ. He said, "No, philosophy." I believed him and left to try and find Econ. I don't think he realizes the extent of "Alyssa does not pick up on sarcasm." Also, we have to write a one page proposal about something related to China that we think deserves being looked at. I plan to talk about how the way China handles disability affects their economy.
  • TOPOLOGY- YAY math. Math math math math. This is a graduate math class. I am a junior masters student. (Yes, I am a junior, and I am also enrolled in the masters program. Somehow this works.) I had this same teacher my first year for Intro to Rigor, and I've graded for him for several classes, including grading final exams. He's already asked me to grade for the undergraduate Abstract Algebra class this semester. Also, we did a little bit of topology in Real Analysis last year, and I liked it then. So this is awesome. (Math is one of my autistic special interests as opposed to just being something I'm interested in, and yes, there is a difference.)
  • Engineering Analysis- This one is also more directed at the macroscale stuff, but it's math and programming, mostly. That means I don't care. It can be about a platypus for all I care, math and programming are awesome.
  • Lab for Intro Manufacturing- I did the main course this summer, which is what that India thing one. The lab part seems like it will be mostly OK except for the group work, which is bad. Also the plant visit is going to be a problem, I suspect. Insert dread here. Sensory overload here. And "uh-oh" goes here.
Yes, I am taking a total of seven classes. I might sit in on the Putnam preparation seminar as well, and I assist math classes four nights a week with the Art of Problem Solving. Oh, and I play ultimate and fence. I am a busy autistic college student.

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