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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On W-Sitting

I'm a W-sitter. There are two positions I can sit in for any length of time without anything either hurting or going to sleep (I can comfortably sit on my feet and often do, but they then go to sleep. My feet go to sleep from being sat on so often that people actually thought it might be a diabetes sign. Then I showed them how I sit. Apparently it is sufficient explanation and no one is worried about diabetes on the basis of sitting on my feet anymore.)
One is cross-legged. The other is a W-sit.
And yes, I am aware that there are some potential issues that can come from W-sitting. Chronically spraining my ankle because of the pressure I put on it sitting on my feet and then falling over because my foot is, well, asleep, is worse than having to stretch out my hamstrings and do exercises to strengthen my lower back. Just putting that out there. Using the whole range of motion that I have isn't bad for me in itself, and the W-sit is part of my range of motion. The first time I was told it was bad, interestingly enough, was in speech therapy when I was probably 10. And so I tried not to. And it didn't go well.
See, my dad had a boat, and I sat on the motorbox facing backwards watching the water come out of the motor. Yes, it's a kind of Autistic thing to do. I know. I'm Autistic. Anyways, it was a kind of lying on my tummy sort of sit, and I couldn't find a single other comfortable way to do it. I sat on the motor box by lying down on it, hanging onto the bar in front of me, and W-sitting with my legs to make them fit onto the motorbox. That actually involves opening my hips even wider than a standard W-sit, which is not a stretch for me at all. I crouch in a sort of vertical version of this too. It's very comfortable.
So yeah, I'm a W-sitter. I'm 20, I've been one forever. It's not always a big deal, really. You know how they had you bend over and try to touch your toes in gym? I can bend over and lay my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees. My hamstrings are not tight, I'm just a W-sitter. 


  1. I'm a 40 year old W sitter who has just started having physical problems with it. It is nearly impossible for me to sit normally, though. :(

  2. As someone with CP, we're constantly being badgered with "DON'T W SIT IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I don't do it anymore because I got a lot tighter and now it hurts, but I used to.

  3. I am a w-sitter as well. I love w-sitting and do it everyday for long periods of time. It is the only way I sit. I am 37 years old and have been w-sitting since I was 7. I have a part time job where for part of the time I have to sit on the floor and do stuff. The only way I can sit comfortably on the floor while I am working for long periods of time is to w-sit. It is incredibly relaxing and comfortable. I have had people tell me not to sit this way because it will hurt my legs and knees. It hasn't done anything so far and it doesn't hurt. So as long as I can sit this way with no pain, I will sit this way.

  4. Based on this I think everyone pretty w-sits.

  5. I can't help it, either--sometimes (especially on uneven ground) it is the only way I can sit. But not always. Especially since I toewalk so much that it hurts more than anything some days.

  6. Hey, I am a w-sitter! It is the only way I will sit. It feels so good. When I get into this position I sit like this for hours on end and it never hurts or is uncomfortable. I am not hypermobile or double jointed and I am not very flexable at all. But I can w-sit with ease and it is so comfy. People always make comments like, "Why do you sit that way. It's not good for your legs!" I just reply, "Oh Really? It's very comfortable to me." I even had a lady come up to me and ask if w-sitting was comfy. I replied, "Yes, extremely!" I get weird looks all the time, but I continue to sit this way and only this way.

  7. me too! I'm 38 and sit like this all the time - it's comfy and practical. Nothing wrong with my legs, back or feet, and I can touch my toes with ease. I don't think there is any scientific proof for any of the bad press around w sitting.

  8. I have always sat w-style. It has always literally been the only truly comfortable position for me. I also am extremely knock-kneed. I have severely inward pointing toes and yes, believe it or not this does effect me negatively on a daily basis. I am actually about to be having major surgery to correct this problem and somehow found this article researching it online.

    There actually ARE some medical studies and evidence that back up the "w-style = BAD!" claims. There are three that come to mind... 1. They say that this contributes to developing children having weaker trunks (aka abdomins, cores, etc.). This is because this position causes the child to be positioned in an extremely stable way. Due to this, their other muscles never get as strong or as developed as they would otherwise. 2. Some say that it drastically increases the chances a child will become bow legged, knock kneed, etc. 3. For some reason this increases the amount of knee and leg injuries the child acquires later in life.

    Of course the alternate stance on this is that this is a, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" issue and that the w-style sitting doesn't cause leg problems it's just that those who have leg problems are more likely to sit w-style.

    I'm not sure which is true in my case. But I do w-sit and I DO have extensive leg and walking problems which now require surgical correction.

  9. I am 22 years and I am a W sitter too. I just heard that position is bad and its freaking me out. I am beginning to associate the way I walk with the W sitting position. I walk like my knees are crushing together!!!

  10. I'm 45 and I only sit in the w-sit position. It is so extremely comfortable. I have never sat any other way my whole life. I tried but it is just too painful to sit any other way. So I am having to revert back to w-sitting just to get comfortable when I sit. So to avoid any problems when I sit I just automatically go into the w-sit position and am fine.

  11. W sitter here.61 years and physically ver active.No hip issues,back issues either. Please can I have proof that it's not ok?
    Also I've done s test to see where I m6 be on Autism Spectrum and I'm definitely not leaning too far in that direction.There apparently is a link with W sitting.

    1. It's probably fine? Like, if your hips already dislocate easily a W-sit might knock them out (been there, done that) but if it's not actually causing problems then it's not actually causing problems.


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