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Friday, February 7, 2014

PACLA Magazine Wants Submissions

So I'm actually one of the moderators of Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance, though not a particularly active moderator. This is a thing I'm sharing from there. It deserves shared.

Image description: Gray background with black text that reads: "Introducing PACLA Magazine. Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance is starting a new, bimonthly parenting magazine! An online magazine that will amplify Autistic voices, promote acceptance, respect, the ideas of neurodiversity and the joyful parenting of our amazing Autistic children. Inquiries & Submissions:

We are putting out a call for submissions for a brand new magazine all about parenting Autistic children with love, acceptance and respect! If you'd like to be included in PACLA magazine, please submit your material to before March 5th, 2014!

We are also looking for artwork from Autistic artists of all ages for our magazine!

Please remember that we are an intentional community. PACLA Magazine will reflect those intentions and follow the basic guidelines of our Facebook community:

1. We love and accept our children as Autistic people.
2. We don't want to change our children.
3. We don't wish our children were not Autistic.
4. We do not speak over the voices of Autistic people.
5. We recognize that Autistic voices deserve center stage over our voices as parents of Autistic children.
6. We parent our children with an eye towards promoting neurodiversity and acceptance.
7. We do not subscribe to therapies/interventions which seek to change the nature of our children or utilize aversives.
8. We are open to learning from Autistic adults.
9. We foster our children's growth through respectful accommodation and support.
10. We do not tolerate the bullying of Autistic people.

Now words from me again:
Yes, 8. can and should be interpreted as meaning that submissions from Autistic adults are welcome whether or not the Autistic adult submitting is a parent. It needs to be something that'd be good for the parent of an Autistic kid to read.

Yes, I'm probably going to see if they want to reprint a thing "For Parents" tag. I'll go through later and figure out which of those things I'd consider sending them.

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  1. Thank you for this! I'd be so proud to contribute to such a positive force!


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