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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow day

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a snow day for me. It was a good day off, near the start of the semester, and I got things done. I also had time to hang out with my housemates (I live in what's basically an engineering frat house by another name.)

One of the great things about the house I'm at at school is that there's so many study abroad students here. So there's people who're seeing snow for the first couple times (this isn't the first snow of the season, just the first snow day.) There's people who've seen snow, but never had enough to build a snow man.

So guess what's going on?

Yup. House snowmen.

It is very cool.

There's not been any loss of electricity. Roads are closed, and there was a lot of wind, and there is a lot of snow. Cancelling classes and telling people to stay home was the right move here. But once we've decided to stay put? It's a good day. A calmer, slower day, with not much going on, and a good day. Today's going to be much the same, I think. Classes are canceled again, because everything is still snow.

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