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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Alyssa Reads Odinochka: Armenian Tales from the Gulag

I recently read and reviewed Odinochka: Armenian Tales from the Gulag (and got a free copy from the deal, Simbi thing like yesterday's review.) This is admittedly not my usual fare, since I tend to go for science fiction and fantasy, mostly of the young adult variety. However, the subject matter is important. In the USA, where I am, we've never managed to formally recognize the Armenian genocide, even, and that's one of the tragedies or atrocities covered in the narrative. (Tragedy for those it's happening to and atrocity by those who are doing it, I would say.) The other, of course, is the gulag.

The first word that comes to my head when describing this book is "poignant." The stories are connected to each other, told partially through flashback memories as the narrator dies in solitary confinement in a gulag and partially in real time as he lives (and dies) his last day. The book is not light reading because of the topic it covers, but it is easy reading in the sense that I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next once I started.

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