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Monday, February 13, 2017

Jewish Protest Thoughts

So. Bannon is anti-Semetic. We know that. Threats and vandalism on Jewish community centers and synagogues are up. We also know that. Jewish folks may not be the primary targets (I'm thinking Muslim people are the big-name target of the moment what with the travel ban that is definitely a Muslim ban let us be real, though there are seriously a lot of targets) but swastikas are on display. Which means Jews are on the list.

A thought I am having, therefore:
Drown out Nazi and Neo-Nazi slogans with clearly Jewish sounds:

  • On Tumblr I saw a suggestion of the Shehechiyanu. Which I am probably transliterating terribly, because Hebrew. It's a prayer thanking God for your making it to this moment, used on the first night of many holidays and at Bar/Bat/Bnai Mitzvot.
  • Songs for holidays of the genre "They tried to destroy us. They failed. Let's eat." I'm thinking Hannukkah and Purim, especially. Bring your gregors and drown out Trump and Bannon's names with those, to be especially Purim-like. Maybe give out Hamentashun?
  • Really any song that's in Hebrew or Yiddish that it makes sense to perform at full bellow. 
You see, doing slightly silly things that really piss off the bad guys while making us laugh is a way of (hopefully) keeping morale up. And singing about how some schmuck who tried to have us killed was swinging from the gallows he had built for us, and now we're going to eat pastries? I think that fits the bill. (And nosh some Hamentashen!)

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