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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A seller of MMS had his business closed down

 Trigger Warning: We are talking about MMS here, which some people think cures autism.

When a 'Miracle' Meets the FDA talks about it. Don't read the comments, by the way, unless you want to read people talking about how wonderful MMS is and how it's only not accepted because Big Pharma can't make money off it and how it heals everything and all kinds of unscientific things. (It's pretty much bleach, so it really does have some disinfectant properties. That doesn't mean putting it in your eyes or drinking it is a good idea, and between reading the comments and reading the article, I can tell that people have done both.)
There is not direct reference to the fact that MMS has been used by people to try to "cure" autism in this article, but they do mention that it has been touted as curing everything from malaria to ear infections.

Science based medicine posted an article in which they pointed out false advertising about MMS, and it seems that most supporters of MMS are the same people who think that Big Pharma is out to get us by keeping us sick and giving us drugs that make us need other drugs. (Actually, Big Pharma does seem to like medicating things that don't need to be medicated, like giving drugs that are supposed to keep autistic kids from flapping, but the fact that they are still doing vaccines, which don't actually make much of any money, suggests that they are not quite as obsessed with keeping everyone sick as they are obsessed with making everything that people already have seem like something to be treated.)

Anyways, I thought people might like to know that at least one person trying to sell it in the USA is in major trouble, and it is illegal in Canada as well. Mexico, however, does still allow MMS, and the ingredients can be purchased legally so far as I can tell, so there isn't really anything to stop a person from making it themself.

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