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Monday, August 20, 2012

Anti-vaccination groups are seriously scaring me right now

Trigger Warning: Chelation for things other than heavy metal poisoning, especially for autism.

So, we all know how vaccines don't cause autism and are actually safe, right? I hope so. That's kind of an important thing. See, there are some vaccines that might not be actually needed for keeping your kid healthy overall, like the chicken pox one. I get that. In fact, people used to have chicken pox parties to make sure their kids all got chicken pox young, since it's milder when you're a kid and it's better to just get it over with. And yes, there are very rare vaccine injuries. (Well, not quite as rare with some versions of the rabies vaccine. But you only get the rabies vaccine after you've been bitten by something rabid, which is otherwise a death sentence, so you kind of have bigger fish to fry than the vaccine not getting along with you well.) Point is, we have vaccines because they are less likely to kill you or cause permanent damage to you than the disease they are meant to prevent. Simple as that. And the science backs up the fact that vaccines do, in fact, prevent more harm than they cause.
That does not mean that people, especially the people who are not afraid of all chemicals because chemicals, don't freak out about the trace chemicals in vaccines. Guess what? I've seen scarier statistics in parody pages about the dangers of WATER. It's the dose that makes the poison, guys, and calling the mercury compound that used to be in vaccines mercury makes about as much sense as calling water hydrogen. Which some town apparently did once... but the point is, it doesn't make sense.
That said, over on the facebook page "The Truth About Vaccines," someone asked about detox for after vaccinations. And in the comments about this question, someone suggested chelation as a routine way to detox a child from vaccines. Chelation might sound familiar to some of you. It's been used in attempts to cure autism by people who think autism is mercury poisoning or other heavy metal poisoning, since removing heavy metals is what it does. Just like it's a bad idea to chelate an autistic person unless they ALSO have heavy metals in concentrations significantly higher than is healthy, it is a bad idea to chelate an NT unless they actually have heavy metals in that kind of concentration. Here's why:
One: Most of the things they're talking about as the toxins in vaccines aren't heavy metals. Chelation won't touch them anyways.
Two: Chelation WILL drain calcium. You kind of need calcium.
Three: The heavy metals that are in vaccines are not there in amounts that will be toxic. That means they are not there in amounts that require chelation.
Four: Chelation is DANGEROUS. People have died from it.
The idea that chelation has been seriously suggested for anyone who has been vaccinated as a way to detox seriously scares me. A lot. 

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