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I am an Autistic person,not a person with autism. I am also not Aspergers. The diagnosis isn't even in the DSM anymore, and yes, I agree with the consolidation of all autistic spectrum stuff under one umbrella. I have other issues with the DSM.

I don't like Autism Speaks. I'm Disabled, not differently abled, and I am an Autistic activist. Self-advocate is true, but incomplete.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

I don't even know what this is

I don't even remember what this is from. I found it on my computer, in my autism and disability folder.

I interact mostly with people I know or who I have an activity/class with, which is how I get to know people. I generally do so in person or over the internet, since I hate the phone. I have been told that people tend to like me, though I can't tell very well for myself that this is the case. (People also apparently think I am weird, which is completely expected.)
Socializing problems: Yes. I have a lot of trouble knowing when people are joking or when sarcasm is being used, which can make things difficult. I also don't get most euphemisms, which means that I am confused and will sometimes accidentally use one. Whoops. And of course, there is the issue of the white lie. Those confuse me so much. I won't tell them, which pisses some people off, and I can't really detect them, which frustrates others.
Faces/emotions: Sometimes? Kind of? I can put them into three or four main categories, anyways. Positive (smiley stuff, though I can't always tell if a person is smiling unless they also show teeth,) neutral (not excited, but not upset either,) negative (sad, frustrated, tired, etc,) and sometimes I can yank mad/angry/frustrated types out of the negative category to make their own.  If I get it right, I can react reasonably well, but it's a big if.
Uh, the socializing problem really isn't countered, unless you count "hanging out with people who don't care that I fail at social" to be a counter. Or "hanging out with other autistic people," who I am more likely to be able to read and who are more likely to be OK with my failure to read them since they know it can be hard to read people, often from having the same problem themselves.

I want to invent mathematical nanoscience and then teach it at MIT. :D.
Failing that, I want to either do nanotechnology or math in academia, probably as a professor, and still hopefully at MIT. I also want to have kids and get people to STFU about how tragic autism is.
I am happy when I am with my fiance, when I am writing, when I am doing research, when I am doing math, when I am doing happy stimming and no one is a jerk about it, when I have olives, when I have time to relax (computer games, sewing, reading, knitting, making chainmail, LARPing)
Being Autistic (I am very strongly identity first- I do not "have autism," I "am Autistic" is only a problem when other people try to make it one, or when I need to do a thing that I really can't do. On its own, it doesn't make me any less happy. In fact, some of my best happy-making things only work BECAUSE I'm Autistic.
What happiness is? Well, that's hard (but then, isn't it for everyone?) I'd say happiness is when everything is so good that I just need to wiggle and flap and that makes it even BETTER.

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