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Friday, June 28, 2013

Reporting on the Voting Rights Act: You're Doing It Wrong.

Look at this headline. Just look at it.

Yes, that's the thing they want you to think about with a major piece of the Voting Rights Act taken down by the Supreme Court. Not "States can make laws that make it harder for people of color to vote." Not "States can make laws that make it harder for poor people to vote." Not "Texas is already trying to push through a law that requires rather specific ID in classist ways." (An expired out-of-state hunting license is acceptable, but a social security card is not.) Not "Voter suppression is a thing that people have already been trying to do and it's about to get worse." Those are all things that need addressing related to this. Headlinified (I know, I didn't make them attention-grabbing enough,) they would all make sense to use. They cover big issues.
Wendy Davis "will probably lose her Senate seat" over this ruling? I honestly doubt that, even with the redistricting that Texas is now aiming to do and will be able to do, even with the voter suppression they will be trying to do (are already trying to do.) She's the big name person in the fillibuster of a bill that 80% of the state opposed, and she had 180,000+ people watching the live stream of the chamber as she did her bit and after. If her campaign managers even resemble competent at their jobs, she can keep her Senate seat. She could probably get something higher up if there's an election for it soon enough. It's possible that they might manage to cost her a seat in the state Senate with that, but it seems unlikely.
Now Senator Leticia van de Putte? I think she is at a huge risk of losing her seat. She was impressive, she was important, but many people do not realize who she is. She is a Latina state Senator, and she is the one who kept calling parliamentary inquiries. She's the one who asked, as a parliamentary inquiry, at what point a woman must raise her hand and voice to be heard over her male colleagues. No, really, that was van de Putte, not Davis. (People crediting white people with statements and ideas actually made by women of color isn't a new thing. Folks steal Neurodivergent K's ideas all the time too.) She was the one who lit the fire, who got the crowd chanting in that crowdibuster (filibuster by crow, yes I made that up.) She did so many things, she is a woman of color (I doubt Texas will be able to keep her from voting specifically, but they are suppressing voters like her,) and so few know who she is. Her seat? I think it's at risk. Her right to vote, even? Texas is taking a shot at it. 

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