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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm getting ready for April. Part of that involves a sewing project. See, I don't have any orange clothing that's appropriate to the weather that I'm expecting for April. I've got a sweater I bought because everyone was telling me I needed warmer clothes, but it was about right for the middle of January, early February. It's absolutely not something I could tolerate wearing in spring.

So I went to the Tianjin Fabric Market. (天津布料市场) and walked around to try and find some good orange fabric. I found some.

Photo of a square of orange fabric on the floor- a grey carpet. The edge of a persons skirt is visible at the left edge of the photo.

I actually found a lot. That picture is just of what will be one pocket- I'm making a long dress with short sleeves and have enough extra that I might make a cape or something. Since I don't have access to a sewing machine at the moment (I assume there is one around somewhere, I just don't know where or if I'd be allowed to use it) I'm sewing by hand. That's a decent bit of sewing, especially since I know I'm hard on my clothes and do a lot of multiple seaming.

No, really. Like, a lot. Hems I go over once, hem type things in other places (edges of sleeves, necklines) I also only sew once. Everything else gets at least twice. Pockets, the places where pockets are put in (and all seams around it for about an inch,) shoulders, and about two inches in all directions from the armpits are all triple seamed. I know where stuff tends to rip for me, and I prefer that my clothing not rip when I'm doing stuff.

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