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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Partial NaNoWriMo Cast List

Trigger Warnings: Rape, Murder, Drugs, Gangs, Gang Violence, Basically anything violent ever. (No ableism since no one is disabled that we know of)
So, I am doing NaNoWriMo, or trying to, anyways. Not much of the story will be up here since I'd like to publish it and get at least some money from it, but some notes will.
Here is my cast of named characters so far. I have the ethnicity of most of these people specified because I know them, but they have not all been stated in-story yet.
  • Shani Aramak: Protagonist. A cop. Lives in the projects with her girl-friend, Janice, who teaches science at the middle school. DARK brown skin (she is BLACK, people.) Fairly tall, wide shoulders, brown eyes, brown frizzy hair that she usually leaves natural. Dated Dion Freeman for a few weeks in high school. A shapeshifter- she can shift however she wants, but the further it is from her natural form, the more energy it takes. She will be using this while undercover, mostly as disguise, though she will also use it to help out in combat a couple times. She needs a nap after the combat ones. Not officially out to the force, but most of the people she's close with know Janice is more than a roommate. NOT out as a shapeshifter yet, though she will get outed, either by a camera she didn't know was there or by someone walking in on her mid-shift.
  • Janice Billya: Shani's girlfriend. They've been together for ~5 years now. Science teacher at a local middle school. Similar level of outness to Shani- people know, but they don't officially know. Mixed black and Korean, fairly short, curly black hair, brown eyes, short.
  • Sgt. Simon Jackson: He's (*gasp*) white. He does not live in the area where the Czar is fully in charge anymore (yes, it's that bad in some area's of the city) but he's not fully safe either. His sister got raped by a dealer back when they were in high school and didn't tell him until years later, and he is in one of the area's the mob is trying to expand into. This expansion is why they've finally been allowed to plant some undercover agents for a REAL bust instead of just grabbing some low-level dealers. 
  • Dion Freeman: Had a son, who was shot at age five for refusing to carry for a dealer. Isn't going to try again until and unless he is FAR away from the city and the Czar is safely dead or behind bars. Probably black.
  • Hong Yan: She and her husband are both on the force, though her husband is on leave since 10 guys beat him in front of her to "teach him a lesson." She asked for and got permission to carry her gun at all times after this. Chinese, is fluent in both Chinese and English. Does NOT have a significant accent, though she can fake one when she chooses.
  • Walker Brown: His brother is in jail again for dealing. Mixed, though he will probably never tell us the exact mix. We won't see much of him after the first few thousand words, so he's not as fleshed out.
  • James Fisher: His wife teaches English at the same school where Janice teaches. His daughter just started high school. White. Whole family will be taken hostage after his cover is blown. He will attempt a rescue with Shani's help, which will be a partial success (His daugher and brother are rescued. He and his wife are killed in the attempt.)
  • Samson Greene: Parents dead of cancer. Brothers all killed from various things related to the Czar. He has nothing left to lose. Black. Tall, short hair.
  • Andrew Young. Mixed (black/white.) Friends with Dion. His son just turned five.
  • Mark (O'Connor.) Irish. Connections not fleshed out yet, but he nods at Andrew's reasons.
  • Jo (sephina Collins.) Does NOT like her full name, and just won't answer to Josephina. Nodded at Andrew's reasons too. 
  • The Czar. Runs a crime/drug ring. Basically runs the area's Mob. Has connections. (It's the FBI, but as of right now the characters only know it's something intelligence.) White.
  • Agent Hunter.(We know it's a code name, but we don't know his real first or last name.)  Teaches disguises, CIA.
  • Sammons. (We never learn his first name.)  Is involved with teaching disguises, FBI. (DUN DUN DUN.) (DUN DUN DUN means a couple people TELL HIM what their covers are going to be, and, well, he's kind of one of the corrupt FBI people protecting this lot)
I don't think anyone's autistic, though Shani has a few symptoms that line up with Sensory Processing Disorder. (Wakes up at dawn always because light on the face, doesn't like unexpected loud noises, will probably strangle you if you grab her from behind because it makes her jump, and doesn't really like light touch.)

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