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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flu Vaccine

Trigger Warning: Needles/blood tests in the three paragraphs following the bolded line.
The rest should be OK.
Sarcasm alert on basically the whole post.

I got two vaccines today- the flu and something else. I don't actually remember what the other one was, but it's one of those ten-ish year ones. It hurts, too. Ah well, vaccination is useful. I quite like this "not getting the flu or pneumonia" thing, really.
And goodness, will I be pissed if I wake up neurotypical tomorrow.
My thing with vaccinations, or really anything involving a needle, is that I can't watch the actual injection. Once it's in, I can look and it's fine, but I can't watch them put it in. I know, it's kind of weird. I really only know about the ability to look after because of blood draws for labs.
Yes, this is apparently TMI about Alyssa's doctors visit fears and oddnesses day, except for the first bit. Sorry, everyone.
The main point of this post was the joke about my being pissed if I wake up neurotypical tomorrow, so don't worry if you don't want to keep reading past that.
I guess it leads into a vaccines don't cause autism thing, but it's 11:30pm, and I'm tired. I had a thing queued that I could have used, but I wanted to make that joke. Today is not a quality day.
Vaccines didn't make me Autistic. Genetics did. Like, a huge portion of my mother's side of the family, right up through a great-grandmother and her sister were/are autistic. If that's not genetics, what is?
But people seem to think that genetically neurotypical people somehow get turned autistic by vaccines.
If vaccines can re-wire brains, I guess it could rewire someone who is genetically autistic to be neurotypical instead.
And if it did that, I would be pissed.
Thankfully, vaccines don't actually rewire brains in either direction.
Or do they?
I'll let you know if my sensory processing problems suddenly vanish and I suddenly stop caring about any of my Autistic obsessions and don't get new ones and I don't mind eye contact instead of just being able to fake it well enough no one else can tell and I stop stimming. Yeah, not happening, and I'd be pissed if it did. Unless they could get rid of just the sensory processing issues and leave everything that's because autism. I'm not convinced that it's possible, but it can't make much less sense than a vaccine re-wiring my brain, right?
Of course not.
Not much makes less sense than a vaccine giving me autism.


  1. People think vaccines make you autistic? Hogwash! Everyone knows its a lifestyle choice.

    At least, that's what the interventionist told me.

    And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me. And told me.

    I'm pretty sure it's true.

  2. Let's tell everyone it did make you NT but then I will magically cure you back to yourself with a special diet of ice cream and soup. So then I will write about it and go on shows and stuff and we can split the profits because if we did it There Is Hope. Oh wait, dang, we can't pull off all that subterfuge, we're autistic. Foiled again.

    1. I like the plan but have a few questions.

      First, Ice Cream Soup For The Neurotypical Soul? Where do I get a copy? At the book signing, do you use a fountain pen filled with Thiomersal? Because that would be beyond awesome.

      Also, once I take the vaccine and become neurotypical, will I naturally attempt to improve the world by imposing my morality on others through legislation and violence, or is it something I have to learn? I assume the advanced class is taught by Messrs Limbaugh and O'Reilley?

      For that matter, does my morality change when I become NT? Because imposing my current morality on others through legislation would be pretty benign, although beating the crap out of someone to impress upon them the virtues of love and non-violence might just work in a very do-what-I-say-and-not-what-do kind of way. It worked WONDERFULLY on me, after all.

      Doesn't all that ice cream make a person *more* prone to meltdowns?

      Speaking of which, if there a kitty version of the vaccine? Partly because Mr. Jinx is WAY too prone to meltdowns at seemingly imagined provocations, and because if you removed the autistic traits from cats they'd be like really cute dogs with sharp claws.

  3. "And goodness, will I be pissed if I wake up neurotypical tomorrow."

    All your UK readers are saying "sure it makes you neurotypical, but why would it make you drunk?"

  4. Update:
    My arms both really hurt because muscle soreness is a common side effect that I tend to get.
    I seem to still be autistic, however.
    This is good.


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