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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Writing About Neurodiversity in Chinese

I haven't really said anything about it here, but I've been talking about it on Facebook for a couple days now:
I have to write a 4000-5000 character research paper in Chinese. I decided to write it about the Neurodiversity movement. There is just one small problem. According to Google Scholar, there are only two articles that reference it, one of which is in traditional characters.
But this is me.
I'm not going to switch topics over something small like that!
Ok, my teacher really, really wishes I would.
That's at least partially because Neurodiversity has nothing to do with any of my majors.
It's also partially because of this resources issue.
So she suggested that I switch my topic to autism in general.
Nope. I'm not going to talk about autism like most of the research people do about it is acceptable and useful when it's often neither. Autism is home of way too much bad science. I would know. I have the whole Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders on a flash drive, remember?
I am supposed to stick to resources that are in Chinese or that have already extant translations in Chinese. However, there is one way I can get around this- my teacher has told me that I can use a resource that is written in English is I either translate it or write a one page summary in Chinese. (Hmm... I can think of some posts from my "Translating YOUR Posts" page that I might be able to use for that...)
And that is basically going to take over my life. If you don't have your own blog but have something you want to say, now's a great time to hand me a guest post (assuming that it's something I'd actually publish and all, of course.)
These are some papers I am looking for, if anyone knows where to find them, btw, and this list may be updating with time. If you have a version that is in simplified characters instead of traditional, that is even better. (Or a paper on a similar topic that is in simplified characters.)




That's really what I've got, for now.


  1. I wish I knew how to help. As a mom & grad student I understand the pressure professors can put on us and our own eagerness to get it right. Good luck on finding the information you need.


  2. You are amazingly ambitious. I took 20 years to finish my bachelors degree in History. I bow down to your awesomeness. Best of luck in finding resources.


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