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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Muchables Chewable Jewelry Review

Amazon's being a little slower than usual about publishing (well within their stated times, just slower than the prior times have been) so I can't do a story announcement yet. But I can tell you about Munchables chewable jewelry, which is actually pretty cool. The person running it posted a bit back asking about folks who'd review, and I said if she was interested in the autistic adult using it themself perspective I'd be game, she sent me a piece, and here I am.

I've got essentially this one, just a little longer because I'm an adult and therefore larger than a kid: custom pieces are totally a thing, and mine is custom: 25 inches instead of 22 inches, longer than kids because I'm not a kid but shorter than the adult ones meant for someone other than the wearer to be the chewer.

Anyways, it's silicone, food grade, haven't tested out the dishwasher-safe yet because I haven't needed to wash it yet, but it looks and feels like it would be. Besides, it's done all the other good stuff, like be sturdy enough to stand up to an adult bite, have a good texture for chewing, and generally working as a stim toy for chewing.

I know the marketing currently leans towards selling to parents for their kids (like, oh, all the sensory stuff ever) but it really does work fine for adults who chew and are willing to wear this stuff. The custom design thing means you can choose something that will work for you, which is nice. I'm gonna go with worth it, and also with I'm bringing it to school with me. Yup. Grad TA with a chewy necklace. (So I might not wear it in class....)

1 comment:

  1. I have these:

    I've had them for a few years at least, can't remember exactly how long. I still prefer my silicone spring (one of those coiled silicone chewing bracelets, I just cut it apart at the seam). But these work very well too, I just prefer the spring because I can coil it around my fingers as well as chew on it.

    I wouldn't wear it as jewelry, I keep it in my pocket when I'm not using it.

    It hasn't stopped me from chewing on my lips though, which was the point.


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