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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Explaining in ENGLISH

Ok, so I've been in Tianjin for about a month now. Just over a month, actually. A lot of cool stuff has happened. Including...well, I said in My Problem With Homework that I'd never managed to explain my problem so a teacher understood? No longer true. I've still yet to manage it in English, but I've now done it.
And now I've translated my side of the conversation, edited a bit to make sure there is enough context for people to understand what I'm talking about, if not always why. Original Chinese here.

Trigger Warning: Reference to euthanization, Description of ableism (by teachers.)

You know how when I'm having a problem sometimes I can't talk? Now I know that if the problem happens when I'm using Chinese, I have the not able to talk thing in Chinese too.

Euthanization is the reason for this time that I can't talk.
During class, the teacher showed us a picture.
If you had something a lot of people thought was a good reason for euthanization, you'd probably be uncomfortable too.
I know the teacher doesn't agree with it. The picture is still scary and makes me uncomfortable.

It's really hard for me to start anything on my own. (Eating three meals a day and showering daily can also be a problem.) Ever heard of executive dysfunction? I still don't have a good method. If I find one (or you help me find one) then I should be fine.
This weekend I tried not doing my math stuff until I finished studying for Chinese. That failed: the result was that neither Chinese nor math was done. I'd thought that if I couldn't do the homework I wanted to do until I finished the Chinese that might help. (I'm interested in Chinese, but more interested in math.)
Starting stuff is the problem. (For example, it can take me 2 or 3 tries boiling water before I manage to add the hot water to the ramen.)
I can forget I have stuff I need to do, or I can know I need to do it and have trouble starting. Switching activities is also hard.
[The teacher asks me what I did before to get my homework done.]
That's the problem! In the USA, I'd choose classes where if I payed attention in class, I could pass the tests. I had problems in the classes where there was daily homework/previewing. I had the same problem in the USA, I was just able to choose different classes.
I know I need to do it. That's not the problem. In middle school, I mostly did my homework during other classes. One day, I got seven classes homework assignments done during class. This is bad. I know it's bad, but it was better than not getting the homework done.
My older methods:
1) Choose a different class (no good)
2) Do homework in class (no good.)
I need a third method. I need help.
Before, teachers always said because I was smart, I should be able to find a method. No one taught me to do it. Teaching me could help.

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  1. The method I use: do everything that you want to do for 2 hours, like eating, computer, etc. Then set a timer on something so that you have to get up to stop it. You'll be off of the old topic, and ready for a new one.

    Oh, and with the actual homework, I do fifteen minutes of one thing that I like, fifteen of another I don't, then a fifteen-minute writing or bathroom break. Try anything. Whatever works.


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