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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meh. Tired.

There was something in the classroom today that made a sound like a cellphone that's about to die. It went off about every 1-2 minutes. It was annoying everyone, I could tell (mainly because they said so,) and for me it was really obnoxious. I'm not able to keep talking through that sort of thing any more than I can talk through the school bell, so it made participating in class a lot harder. It was also a tone that hurts my ears, so the constant interruptions with ouches was causing problems for getting my concentration back after each interruption. This went on for about the first hour and a quarter of class. Bad. I was on the edge of melting down but there wasn't much of anything I could do about it because I needed to be in class. It wasn't anyone's cell phone. We checked. We couldn't find anything in the room that could be causing the problem. But there it was, that sound, and considering that speaking is a big part of class and also that I'd only gotten, oh, about four and a half hours of sleep, less than half what I need, this was not good.
Yeah. Four and a half hours of sleep. That's what happens sometimes with me and hard deadlines, in this case related to the piece I'm writing (wrote and rewrote) for FYTortall's book. Which is going to be a totally awesome book, I'm sure. That doesn't mean the time spent from 8pm-3am chasing citations and rewriting stuff is time I ever want to spend on that again. It's not. But it's done and I hopefully won't have to do that again. Please. I do not want to do that again. I prefer to write about the cool stuff Tamora Pierce writes at hours when I am properly awake, thank you. [Not everything about how she handles neurodivergent characters is awesome, but I had coherency issues on all the meh representations so my article is mostly talking about the things she did really well. No, really, Zhegorz's character arc is wonderful, for example.]
Oh, and in Chinese class we did an in-class written thing. It was handwritten and I turned it in, so I can't hand it over yet, but I've got all the words that I had to type to check how they were written. (My typing system uses pinyin, and then I choose the character, so if I know the pronunciation and can recognize a character, I can type it. Writing it requires a bit more, at least if I want to write from memory.)
These are the words I had to look up. I really should know how to write a few of those, but... I'm human. I'm better at remembering where information is stored than I am at remembering what the information actually is. That's what psychology says anyways, and that that's why we're all so dependent on Google now, if they're right. Which is actually pretty cool, I think.



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  1. I'm sorry you were overloaded by that cellphone-y noise. I am currently recapping from overload myself, so can relate in some way.


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