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Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Response to Connecticut

Trigger Warning: Mass Murder, Violence, Ableism, blaming the first two on autism, discussions of previous

Yesterday, there was a shooting in Connecticut. This is a tragedy, and I wish for none of this to ever happen again. It is horrible to think about, but it happened. I wish it had not. It is wrong. Lydia's Nameless Things Dismantle is a good response. It explains well how I feel when I hear what happened, when I think about the tragedy, the loss of life.
I've stayed away from the news. I don't really want to hear what all they have to say. I know they will blame it on my neurology, regardless of the killers neurology being mine or not. They will say it was.
I have, however, read some responses. This is my comment on one, a good one.
It is just as hard for me to imagine that the killer could share my neurology as the neurotypicals find it for theirs. The only difference is that they have the power to make people think he had mine and that it means mine is to blame, and I can’t.What his neurology actually was is irrelevant to this statement.
We can't actually talk about this continuous pinning of shootings on autism without talking about the stigma of disability, especially disabilities that are based in the brain. We can't  actually talk about it without talking about the power differences between Autistic people and those who keep pinning mass murder on the way our brains are wired.
People keep saying that now is not the time to talk about this, but the instant the accusation has been made, the time to talk is now. The "no politics in a tragedy" rule is broken by the attack on my neurology, and I am allowed to defend myself, no matter how political, long-winded, or anything else you could call my defense. I am not the one derailing the conversation about a tragedy. I am the one answering an attack on the very core of who I am, and I am permitted that answer everywhere and everywhen such an attack happens.
Autism does not equate to violence. Sociopathy does not equate to violence. Lack of empathy does not equate to violence. Mental illnesses do not equate to violence. In fact, it leads to disproportionately being the victim, not the perpetrator, of abuses.
Read that again. You blame brain differences that lead to being disproportionately victimized for leading people to commit crimes. That is backwards. That is the opposite of the right thing to do. That is what happens, every time. That needs to stop.
Every one of us needs to answer this, every place we see it. Some of us already have. These are some answers.
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For a small can of science, check Are Autistic People Natural Born Criminals? It's from 2010 and still relevant.

Even Autism Speaks is in on this one, with a message that I agree with. This might be the only statement of theirs I ever approve of, but this one is good.

As much as possible (Pinterest doesn't seem to like Facebook posts, and not everything has an image to pin,) I am compiling responses here as well.


  1. great post, thanks for sharing all this! Thanks for sharing mine as well :) (courtney from A Legion for Liam)

  2. Great post, Alyssa, and some very thoughtful analyses of how we so often distort our reactions to the differences related to those who are somewhere on the autism spectrum. There is no logical connection between autism and violence, except, as you point out, in the direction of violence _toward_ autistic people...


  3. Excellent and thoughtful post, Alyssa--often what we see illogically expressed is public fear of anyone who is different in a way that can be labeled. I think occurrences like the events of Newtown are far too complex to have ANY succinct answers. Evil is evil; it has no logical explanation, and certainly no link to autism, bi-polar disorder or any similar condition.


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