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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Yeah, I know. I'm not Christian. I'm more Jewish than anything else, and even that is only culturally so. Religiously, I'm pretty indifferent. I'm never going to get proof of any one philosophy, most of them have pretty similar basic requirements for human behavior, and I have better things to do with my life than philosophise about questions that I will never be able to answer, no matter how hard I try.
I can still wish you all a Merry Christmas, though, right?
I think so.
I'll even be participating in some Christmas stuff.
In my family, there are a couple branches that are Christian, like my stepmother's whole family. So on Christmas, we go to see them. It works really well, actually. There are enough days of Hanuka that it can always be worked out, and only one group wants Christmas, which means that it's a holiday season with very little compromise or complication to it. We go to that set of grandparents and have a bit of a get together. It's small, and it's not hard to find a quiet place for a bit, plus it wasn't that loud to begin with. I don't get overloaded, generally. It's about family, and I am lucky enough to have a good family that I am happy to see on the holidays. (No, seriously. That's good luck, right there. A lot of people can't or shouldn't go home for the holidays. Next year I won't be able to because I'll be in another country, and shouldn't is a more common issue than most people like to admit.) There is some gift-giving, especially for the younger kids. I generally get something, and it's something pretty cool, too. At Hanuka I got a copy of the complete original Sherlock Holmes, and I got the complete works of Shakespheare once. A History of Mathematics and some science books have been former presents too. I don't know what today brings since I've not got it yet, but my family gets me good things related to my actual interests, not what they wish my interests were. Depending on the weather, we might attempt football. We will see.
My Christmas will be good, and I wish the same for yours. :)

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