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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tychonoff's Theorem

I was told to write something brief about Tychonoff's Theorem for topology, and here it is. I like math.

Tychonoff’s Theorem was named after Andrey Nikolayevich Tychonoff, first proved this theorem. It states that the product of compact spaces is again compact under the product topology, and it is one of the most important theorems in topology.  The original proof was for products of the unit interval in 1930, with the general result stated five years later along with the statement that the proof was the same as for the special case. Since 1930, there have been several proofs for this theorem depending on several different concepts, though all require the Axiom of Choice, which Tychonoff’s Theorem has been shown equivalent to. The theorem has been used to show that invariant means (of bounded doubly infinite sequences) exist, even though we have no way to construct such a mean. This is the sort of odd result that is not unexpected from theorems that are based on or equivalent to the Axiom of Choice, which is well known for leading to strange-seeming results.

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