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Friday, October 12, 2012

Differences in information

There's differences in what information is available in which languages. Sometimes it's something like "Oh, this novel that was a lot of fun to read isn't translated into Chinese, which is kind of annoying." And it's frustrating, but doesn't particularly hurt anyone.
Sometimes it's something like "All the information about this condition available in this language is problematic and can hurt the people who have the condition." That's a problem. And while it isn't actually a situation of all there is a tendency for their to be less about disability rights and acceptance and access and inclusion in some languages (OK, most languages. AKA all the ones I know about. Seriously. Most resources stink at this.)
Chinese and English are the only ones where I can do anything about it, since those are the only ones I can speak, read, and write in. (English would be most of this blog. Chinese would be that "Translating YOUR Posts" thing and the posts of mine I translate. Plus I'm going to go read and talk about the stuff here and probably talk to the writer(s), since it's written in traditional Chinese characters. I think Google will switch to simplified for me?) But that doesn't mean those are the only two languages I care about or that those are the only two languages that are important. ALL languages are important, and there should be resources on community inclusion in all of them.
Which means that having more multilingual people is a good idea so that the ideas can move across cultures and countries in every direction. Yay for more reasons making good foreign language education is helpful!
Anyways, at the moment I know someone who is looking for a person who knows at least one of:
  • Nepalese
  • Nepalese sign language
  • East Asian sign language
If that's you or someone you know, talk to me and I'll put you in contact with her. If there is another language you know and would like to do translations for, you can translate anything I've written so long as you link back to my original anywhere you post the translation and give credit anywhere offline. (And I'd love to know about it so that I can send people to your translations if their preferred language isn't English or Chinese!)
Basically, everyone start translating everything and then there won't be such big differences in what kinds of information can be found in different places. It's not like there's so much stuff about inclusion and acceptance that we can afford to have limited access to what there is.

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