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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Anyone who knows me offline knows that I pretty much don't do the "revealing clothes" thing, so I have made a decent number of my own halloween costumes since I got old enough that "sexy X" was the norm for girls. Actually, that wasn't even the first time I made my own costume, since Blue from Blue's Clues didn't go up to my size back when I was probably eight and I insisted on being Blue anyways, but the point remains. It's really hard to find a costume meant for a woman (well, I'm actually androgyne, but very few offline people know that since I'll still wear skirts and I don't shout it from rooftops and all) that isn't really revealing.
I have no issues with people choosing to wear revealing costumes, by the way. I am worried that something might happen and that they might get victim-blamed over it, but that's an issue with rape culture and victim blaming, not a problem with the costume itself. What I have issues with is that it's nearly impossible to find something that isn't revealing. Both options should exist, and usually the sexy version is the only one designed to fit women.
Which is why I wound up making for myself. I've been a generic witch using a ground length black skirt, T-shirt, and robe. I've been Hermione by using a Hogwarts robe instead of plain black. (And I made all three Hermione from fabric for the HP7 midnight showing, landing me on the Shanghai news, which the school I was abroad at STILL HASN'T SENT ME THE LINK FOR. I was Alanna the Lioness from the Tamora Pierce books, homemade except the red wig. And then I was a knight using homemade chainmail. It was awesome. It was also a lot of work, and not everyone can do that. It was a lot of time, too, also something not everyone can do. The inability to find a costume that isn't revealing is a product of sexism. (Personally wanting one that is revealing may or may not be related to sexism, but the near non-existence of ones that aren't is very much related.)
(Sorry if you thought you were getting something about Halloween costumes that work with sensory processing issues. I make my costumes using fabrics I can comfortably wear and that's really all there is to it for me.)

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