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Monday, October 1, 2012

And What I Will Do About It

Trigger Warning: Suicide,Ableism, Discrimination against people with disabilities (All are first paragraph ONLY.)

Yesterday I wrote about the need for acceptance in China. We need it everywhere, of course, but China is shouting out to me because of the two recent incidents of parents trying to get an autistic boy kicked out of school, one of which succeeded, after which the boy killed himself by jumping off a balcony.

I am not going to drop out of the fight for acceptance here and in other countries where I am semi-involved by way of people there reading this blog, not by a long shot. I am going to add China into the mix, though. Which means I have two announcements:
  1. I am actually getting my Chinese translation posts done.
  2. Anyone who has a post or article about presuming competence, autism acceptance, neurodiversity, or inclusion of autistic people in classrooms and the community that they would like to see translated into Chinese should contact me. Commenting on this post, commenting on the "Translating YOUR Posts" page I am working on for this site, or messaging Yes, That Too on facebook will all work. Send me a link to your article, and it will go on the list. My price is that I get to post the translation on my blog (with a link back to the original post/article) in addition to anything you choose to do with the translation.
In addition, I'm planning to print out some copies of some of those translations and post them on public posters with the link to my site when I am actually in China, and possibly go to a school where they work with autistic kids to let them know that "By the way, it's possible to do stuff while autistic." And probably flap while telling them that because FLAP.
Update: Since this is the last place where I'm making this announcement, I've already gotten several requests and finished one translation. More requests are more than welcome, and you can track my progress on that "Translating YOUR Posts" page.

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