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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Surprise Exam

This morning, I walked into my materials science course and it turns out that it was exam day. Whoops. I mean, it wasn't supposed to be a surprise, but I can't keep track of when my in-class exams are for the life of me. I've been walking into classes and discovering that "Oh, hey, I have a test today" since middle school. I've probably been doing it since elementary school, but I don't remember doing so from then because remembering things.
I'm pretty sure that the exam date was on the syllabus, and I'm pretty sure he brought it up in class at least once, but that doesn't mean I remember. Because I don't. I can mostly manage the exams where it's outside of class, and it's on the syllabus, and the teacher says about five times when and where it is. Mostly. (I did somehow wind up convinced that a final exam was the day after it really was, which wasn't as big a problem as it could have been.)
And I'm wondering if this might be related to executive dysfunction, which we pretty much know I have trouble with.
Which might also be relevant to the issues I always had in middle school.

"Put it in your planner!"
*Loses planner*
"Here's a new planner!"
*Loses new planner*
"Where's your homework?"
"Let's check your locker!"
*Entire contents of locker avalanche onto our feet*

Yeah... I would also forget to write things in/look at the planner when I did know where it was.
Basically, I have no executive functioning skills, and I think this is relevant to the "surprise exam" issue.
Oh, and apparently I missed an exam when I was at the funeral last week. I can make it up Friday, though. Which will be nice.

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  1. Executive functioning is one of my weak points, too. I'm better than I used to be about this, but asking me to make a decision (even if it's ordering off of a menu at a restaurant) is asking for my brain to freeze.

    And you should have seen my lockers, desks, and bags! I weighed my backpack once in 6th grade, just out of curiosity... it's was 30 pounds of over-stuffed binders, books, and papers that I was too rushed to deal with and just crammed into the backpack to be forgotten about. There was probably some other stuff that didn't belong in there (but was).

    And to say I don't have these problems now would be dishonest. Just yesterday I got into an argument with my dad over doing house work. I had to explain to my dad that I honestly couldn't see anything wrong with the house that required cleaning. He then pointed out that there was a bin full of recyclables that were staring me right in the face the whole time, and that the windowsill was covered in my art supplies. We're working on getting me to notice these things that I'm apparently blind to, but I sometimes I get the feeling I'm just going to have to hire a maid if I want to ever have a clean house of my own. *sigh*


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