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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And MORE India

So, this is written at the end of the day, whereas the post that was pretty much just put up was written in the morning. I didn't post it till now because I lacked internet.

So, we got to the textile factory. This one does yarn and towels. They're HUGE, and they're building another plant which will have 400000 spindles. (The plant from yesterday that did 3.2 million meters of fabric a month only needed 54000 spindles to make the yarn for that.)

They took out a piece of roving for us to feel at a couple points, and they didn't want it back. Guess who has it? That's right, ME! I have cotton roving, I have cotton roving! And it's FLUFFY. Also, since I have a spinning wheel, I can actually do something with said roving should I ever have time.

We also stopped in the room where they were designing the images for the towels. The images they had were pretty cool, and one of them looked kind of like the ones I make. So I said so. And my teacher suggested that I show them some of what I make. I had my laptop with me, so I pulled it out and showed them. They showed me how they would make a towel out of one of my designs (not the way I'd have made the image size difference work, but whatever. I think my way is better.) So yeah, they liked it, and apparently the plan is to continue conversation and that they might actually want some of them. They use JPEG, though, and JPEG annoys me because it ROTS and is lossy. So I'm gonna keep my images as PNG and only switch them to JPEG if and when they want a final image. Cause, you know, having your image rot isn't good. I might try and fix the image using Python for the one which rotted a bit before I figured that out. image.getPixel and all.

On the way back from the factory, we saw another elephant, and this time we stopped and we got to ride the elephant. So I have now ridden an elephant down a city street in India. I'm honestly not sure which is the bigger highlight of my day.

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  1. The cotton roving and showing your designs are exciting and the elephant ride sounds like an amazing experience.


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