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Monday, May 28, 2012

Have some more about India

On the way to the hotel in the mountains, there was a road closure due to landslides or some such thing, and we didn't get to the hotel until almost midnight. That was interesting. Then I ate and slept. Because, you know, eating and sleeping are useful.
Next day we didn't have any plant tours, so no sensory overload, which was awesome. I also went to see a temple that had a lot of monkeys, and I took video of monkeys playing on a playground structure. I also got a salwar kameez for a friend and the salwar part for myself. Sadly, my salwar turned out to be too small around the ankles and too short (not by THAT much, but I can't wear it.) Since the salwars were one size, that's probably a good sign for the friend I got the salwar kameez for- she's a bit smaller than me, both height and width. I also briefly got online with a rather slow connection, which let me queue the posts that have gone up from then till now.
Sunday, we did a lot of driving, since we had to get from Shimla to somewhere in Punjab. We also did a small tour, but the guide tried to rip us off. (At the bottom, he said 250 rupees/person. Once we got to where the horses were, he changed it to 500 rupees/person. So we walked instead, and wound up only giving him 200 rupees/total for the about a quarter mile of car ride to the place with the horses. Because, you know, trying to rip off tourists isn't cool.(50 rupees is about $1))
And the top of the mountain was not nearly what the guide claimed either. WOOHOO trying to rip people off.
Monday was two plant tours and a visit to the company that helped the professor in charge of this trip (no names here, but he will be getting an AWESOME review on ratemyprofessor and all the other sites of that kind I can find. More on his awesomeness later.) to set this trip up. That visit turned into a very brief and pretty cool tour. It was the only one where I didn't get any sensory overload so far! (I skipped the second tour, which I've been doing on most of the double tour days because it would be too much sensory overloading and I would be in not good shape. I never realized how many sensory issues I really had until I wound up in situations I had always instinctively avoided...)
For dinner, we went to a combination bakery/italian place. Good pasta, good oreo shake. But it was late. Then I went to sleep. Then I woke up and it was morning and I wrote this. Today we will go to a brewery and that is the story of that.

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