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I am an Autistic person,not a person with autism. I am also not Aspergers. The diagnosis isn't even in the DSM anymore, and yes, I agree with the consolidation of all autistic spectrum stuff under one umbrella. I have other issues with the DSM.

I don't like Autism Speaks. I'm Disabled, not differently abled, and I am an Autistic activist. Self-advocate is true, but incomplete.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Theory of Mind

People keep saying autistics can't take perspectives. I don't get it. I really don't. Reading something where they tell me what facial expressions someone has, what happened, and what they're saying, I can totally tell you how they're feeling. If X happenned to you and I know it, I have a decent idea how you're feeling. I CAN take perspectives when I have the same information that you need for taking perspectives. I just can't tell the difference between certain facial expressions. I'm not getting the information of ``He is frowning," or ``She looks tired," or ``She's smiling," or ``He's slouching." My problem isn't with putting together how you're feeling from the information I have. It's with the fact that I'm not recieving the information in your facial expressions and gestures. That really is two different problems. See, when you say you don't understand how we tick, it's called understanding despite the fact that a lack of understanding is what you just admitted to. When we say ``I don't get it" about how your brain works, it's called lacking Theory of Mind. Since you guys keep insisting that I absotively posilutely can not take perspectives when I totally can, maybe you're the ones who don't have Theory of Mind for us. (See, we both know the other persons mind works differently. You just think it's my fault for not understanding how yours works and that it's ALSO my fault you don't understand how mine works.)

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