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I don't like Autism Speaks. I'm Disabled, not differently abled, and I am an Autistic activist. Self-advocate is true, but incomplete.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Setting Up My iPad

Yes, I got an iPad. That's what I had my typed conversation of a couple days ago on, actually. And now, I am working on getting it set up for me. I have a physical keyboard, since I need the clicking sound as feedback to maintain my typing speed. I can type reasonably well without it, but I wouldn't want to do any heavy-duty writing on the touch screen keyboard that is default for an iPad.
Beyond the physical keyboard, there are of course a few other things I need to do in order to get my new iPad set up.
Practically the first thing I did was go into the international settings to get the Chinese keyboard. I use the pinyin based simplified character input, which is the same sort of input that HanWJ does (well, it can also do traditional characters, but then Apple has a pinyin based traditional input too. Apple is good about foreign language inputs, regardless of the system language that you start with.)
Translation: hi! I can use my iPad to type characters. Very useful!
I also installed a Tumblr app and an app to manage Facebook pages. I want to get one for Twitter as well, I think, and something better than notepad for making notes.
As far as AAC goes, since I can usually talk, I will be sticking to free things. Worst case, I'll keep typing into notepad and having other people read it until I figure out how the talk function on this thing works. It's a Mac, so it should have one.
And finally, there is the educational stuff. I subscribed to a couple of scientific magazine apps, and I am planning to get mobile authorization on this thing for most of the journals that I can access at school. It is relevant to that whole "read huge piles of papers so that I can be an autism expert in general in addition to being the expert in my own autistic experience.
I got Temple Run as well. So far my record distance is around 9500 meters, which isn't bad considering that I've had an iPad for less than a week and all.
And isn't it fitting that setting up my iPad be the first post that I type on my iPad?

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  1. Cool, I have an iPad too, it's great, it helped my life a lot with executive dysfunction and etc, like a prosthetic brain for daily life with ebooks, for ACC I use text-to-speech apps made originally for blind people that let you type, I very rarely lose the ability to use any language so that was enough, I paid very little to use on without an internet connection but I paid because it had several languages including Brazilian Portuguese that I use, I can speak but get non-verbal sometimes or limited verbal many times. There are some free apps but need a connection.
    So far I use twitter official app, there is one I use sometimes that is for facebook and twitter on the same app.


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